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Authorship Criteria

The criteria outlined below form the basis for our grading and evaluation process of submissions aspiring to become authors for the ELSA IE Law Review


Writing Style

Writing style involves factors such as grammar, punctuation, spelling, clear sentences, and effective transitions.

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Use of Authority

Use of authority signifies that the writer appropriately cites credible sources to support their claims and propositions.

Laws and regulations


Organization assesses whether ideas are presented coherently in a logical manner, and whether there is a smooth flow of thoughts both within and between paragraphs.

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Analysis involves the writer's grasp of the subject matter, addressing relevant issues effectively, evaluating cases in relation to legal precedents and future implications, and showcasing original ideas.

Law Books

Bluebook Knowledge 

Bluebook Knowledge refers to the writer's proficiency in adhering to the Bluebook Citation Style and how frequently they correctly employ it.

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Topic Appropriateness

Topic Appropriateness evaluates the originality, relevance, and depth required for a given topic, as well as the extent to which the writer successfully adheres to these criteria.

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